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Gynecology Surgery Guide - ERAS

PreCare is a website designed and tailored to be a holistic guide for patients who require surgery. It is based on a recent recovery pathway called ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), evidence-based medical literature, and the inputs from various participating care teams.

The information provided through this animated video aims to guide the gynecologic oncology patients with their pre-operative preparation, illustrates what to expect from their upcoming surgery and advises them how to promptly and safely recover. The video can be accessed through smart phone, tablet or computer, and be played in various languages. Click the image to watch the video from PreCare. 

Alongside the informative guides, the website also provides physiotherapy demonstrations, exercises, diet supplements and other products to aid with the recovery.

There is an introduction video that provides more information about the PreCare website, the concept of ERAS, and highlights the subtitle and quality features of the above video that enable viewers to personalize their watching experience. For watching the video, click here
                                                                                                                  Created on August 6, 2018